Need overflow accommodation, a teenage sleepout, home office, art studio, beach accommodation, bach, crib or temporary home? Meet the Handy Hut from 1880 Cottage Company.

The Handy Hut is a non-permit building with a less than 10m2 foootprint constructed almost entirely of plywood and LVL (laminated veneer lumber). Compared with conventional construction, our thinwall ply portal construction provides the best use of floor space while remaining very strong and resilient to bumps, jolts and the wind.

The Handy Hut can be insulated to R1.4 to the floor, R2.2 to the walls and R2.5 to celings making it warmer and cosier than most existing New Zealand homes. Ladder access to the mezzanine with balustrade makes for efficient separation of 'living' and 'sleeping' areas and the standard Handy Hut comes with two aluminium single-glazed windows plus an entry door. Because of our advanced construction methods, windows can be placed in different areas without major loss of structural integrity.

The Handy Hut kitset comes in prefabricated panels which can be handled by two people. It can be erected within days using only basic tools, making it ideal for remote or hard-to-access sites. The Handy Hut is, however, equally at home in built-up areas.

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